6 Buttons capacitive touch KNX keypad

Unirro-RLY Keypad

6 Buttons capacitive touch keypad with 6 relay output


13 Buttons BLE remote compatible with Unirro Keypads

Glass Fascia

Swappable Glass fascia for Unirro Keypads

Metal Fascia

Swappable Metal fascia for Unirro Keypads

Special Fascia

Swappable customized fascia for Unirro Keypads

Guest Room Service Station

Guest Room Service Station

Keypad with Glass Fascia and Metal Name Plate for Guest Room Service Calls


Multi-Function Switching Actuator 

12 Channel, DIN Mounting

Phase-Cut Dimmer 

4 Channel, Trailing Edge Dimming

Ceiling Fan Speed Actuator

4 Channel, 4 Speed Control

Multi-Function Switching Actuator 

6 Channel, Flush Mounting



4 Channel KNX to IR COnverter


4 Channel KNX to IR Converter

IR Repeater

4 Channel IR Repeater

Input Module

Input Module-KNX

6 Channel KNX Input Module



HVAC Gateway

Door Control System

Request to Exit Keypad

No Touch Request to Exit Keypad with 40-50 mm sensing distance

Request to Exit Button

No Touch Request to Exit Keypad with 10-15 mm sensing distance

Door Interlock

Controls Locking and Release Sequence of Doors

Elevator Accessories

HALCOVE Contactless Button

No Touch Button for Elevator Operation