Manual Mode
Digital Input

Multi-Function Switching Actuator (DIN)

Part Number: LT-ACT-MFN1216-KN-DIN01V1

Category: Actuator

  • Each individual channel can be configured as a switching channel or 2 adjacent channels can be configured as 1 curtain control channel or can be configured as combination of both.
  • Each relay channel is Normally Open.
  • ON delay and OFF delay for each of the switching channel.
  • Staircase function with duration timer for each of the switching channel.
  • Total Travel Time configuration for each of the Curtain Channel.
  • Support 8 Scene for each individual channel or for each pair of channels (if configured for curtain operation).
  • 6 Profiles for timer based sequential actions.
  • Manual operation of the 12 relay output channels using on-board push buttons.
  • 230V auxiliary power supply to enable manual operation of relays during KNX Bus failure.
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