IR Transmitter
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Compact Design

WFIR (Wi-Fi to IR Converter)

Part Number: WFIR

Category: Converter

  • Emulation of up to 20 Remote controls, where each Remote can have maximum 50 or 100 codes.
  • Emulation of up to 500 codes.
  • Inbuilt IR Repeater
  • Support Up to 16 Macros, each Macro can have maximum 16 IR codes with their intermediate delay.
  • Support Up to 16 Scenes, each Scene can have maximum 16 Macros.
  • Favorite command can have maximum 4 IR Codes, each with fixed intermediate delay of 200 milliseconds.
  • Support for 4 IR Channels, where 4th IR channel has two types of outputs one is low power and another is high power, only one can be used at a given time.
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